About Us

Welcome to Purcell Studios, named after the spectacular, ancient mountain range of the Purcells on Kootenay Lake in British Columbia!  My name is Kalibri Wood.  I have been visiting these mountains since I was 3 years old. Always have I aspired to work and live in these mountains and finally in 2007 found home here.  There is a very a special connection for me with this place.   It continues to nourish my soul and inspire great creativity.

I was born in Alberta, Canada.  In 2004, I completed training as a conservation biologist at the University of Alberta which graced me the experience of working extensively with songbirds, as well as bison, red squirrels, beavers, and more while traveling to many wild landscapes across Canada and South America.

The natural world amazes me and fuels my motivation to create.  With this inspiration and my values in conservation I decided to form my business to create simple and elegant pieces that remind us of our connection to nature using the ancient art of fusing glass.  I hope you can find a piece that reminds you of your true nature.

When I am not creating with glass and beads, I spend time dancing,  growing a garden, and hiking & wandering the wilderness. We are now at the early stages of building a regenerative farm.  I live with my incredibly supportive and loving husband (James), our Dog (Cedar) and Cat (Phoenix) on an acreage in Crawford Bay, BC.

There are so many wonderful organizations that dedicate themselves to conserving these precious wild landscapes that are home to many.  To support this cause I donate 10% of all my proceeds to a non-profit conservation organization which is currently Yellowstone to Yukon. You can visit their page www.y2y.net for information about their local conservation efforts.

Kalibri Wood, Founder and Artist of Purcell Studios